How To Purchase Nissan Parts From OEM Surplus

ATTENTION: Many purchasers communicate with OEM Surplus to confirm application information along with final pricing. However, many customers know this stuff better than we do. IF you are sure about what you are wanting, go ahead and use the shopping cart. We will be notified automatically and will process your order. IF there are any required additional expenses (such as uncombinable items or international shipping), we will notify you.

If you are ready to purchase some parts here's how to do it!
  • Shopping Cart: Clicking on any "Add to Cart" button will first inform as to available quantity and then ask you how many you want. It will then add your chosen item to the appropriate warehouse specific shopping cart. Once in the cart you may adjust your quantity if you wish to adjust it. Changing the quantity to "0" will delete the item from the cart.

    Options available in the cart include gift vouchers (if you have one) or specific discounts (issued by us if needed due to erroneous s/h charges, et al.) as well as automatic discounts. Any purchases over $500 get an automatic 5% discount. For every $500 after that another 5% gets added to the total discount amount. So, $1,000 receives 10%, $1,500 receives 15% and so up to a maximum of 35% discount.

    Checking out provides three options. The first is payment via PayPal either using your account or just by entering a credit card without having your own personal account. The second option is by mailing us a money order. If using this method, please be sure to complete the cart checkout process choosing the "Money Order" option as we and you will then receive good documentation as to the parts you are buying. And the third option is for a "Shipping Quote Request" which can be used really for any reason to communicate and/or save a list of parts without needing to commit to purchasing anything.

  • PayPal works great. To send a payment directly to us bypassing the shopping cart use this link which goes directly to our account. This is handy in the event you just wish to donate to us (ha! Yeah right!) or we have communicated and you know what the total is for the parts you want. We will most likely have a record of what you are wanting due to our communication.

    SPECIAL PAYPAL NOTE: They do not allow editing of the s/h amount (which is preset to $0). You will need to enter the grand total in the single space they provide.

  • Unless other instructions are provided, Cash/Money Orders/Bank Check/Cashiers Check (NO personal checks) can be sent to:

    Neosho Truck Parts
    N2225-A Hwy EE
    Neosho, WI 53059

    Please be sure to send enough paperwork telling us part numbers, shipping address and any other information that may be good to have.

  • We can also take CREDIT CARDS (Visa/Mastercard only ) directly but have to add a 2% handling fee. Call us for this transact-ion at 248-783-6676.