Recommendations for First Time Visitors

It is recommended that first time visitors take a moment to read through this page to better understand our website as well as our inventory status.

Back in the late '90s, Nissan decided to stop carrying their older inventory. Instead of having this inventory sent to the scrap yard a midwest company bought the entire lot. After a few years they too eventually decided to dump this same inventory and that's where we showed up. We bought it all and subsequently had it all dumped on us in our Wisconsin warehouse.

In 2003 we began to relocate the inventory to Oklahoma for significantly cheaper warehousing. Halfway through we found cheap warehousing in Wisconsin so our inventory is split.

We have found due to the 20-40 years of warehouse sitting and being moved around or being squooshed next to something, that about 10% of the items will occasionally have a dent or a dirt spot. However, 90% of everything is still in brand new condition even if the box it's in looks pretty beat up.

Notes About the Parts Inventory

To browse through the parts that may be of interest to you simply use the ever-present menu on the left side. If we have a lot of items for a particular model/series, then you will see a category listing consisting of various categories like steering, seats or wiring harnesses. Go to the categories you want and browse through the parts that we have.

Please note: These lists consist of only what we have. We have no more. Nor are we going to be obtaining any more. If you want to see our entire list of what we bought, just click on the "Entire Parts List" navigation button on the top. This list is just a list of part numbers with a description, MSRP and our price. You will need to be somewhat part number oriented to get anything out of that list.

Comments About Application Information

Please understand that we are not Nissan experts. We are businessmen who came across these surplus parts and thought to ourselves that surely the public would want access to OEM Nissan parts. Most of these parts we have been given information as to what they were made for. On about 99% of these items, we really don't "know" for sure what they are for. We are relying on information passed on to us by catalogs, dealers and others. So far we have no reason to doubt that there are any significant inaccuracies in this information, but we say this to be sure that the buyer knows that he/she is 100% responsible for verifying that any given part number will work in his/her application. If in the event you do purchase something that ends up not being the correct part you will be able to return it and we will refund your price less a 15% restocking fee.

Procedure for Purchasing

Please see our "How to Purchase" page for information on this.