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We have recently gotten our hands on a small bunch of parts from a defunct dealership not too far from here. And we have finally got them organized, inventoried and on a website. YAY!! It is separate from the main stuff here and it has nothing to do with our Wisconsin warehouse so we shouldn't be having any shipping problems.

We're calling it OEM Surplus PLUS! Catchy, 'eh? The website is using the same structure but we've altered the appearance enough so you don't think you're on this one. There's lots of little stuff and mostly onesies and twosies of everything so they'll go quickly. So, pop on over and take a gander!



Two new bits of information are now incorporated in the parts pages... 1) Quantities, and 2) Warehouse location. See below for more information on these features or just take the plunge and charge right in... pretty straightforward, non-rocket-science kinda stuff. Hope this helps everyone!


Welcome to OEM Surplus

Welcome to the site where you will find the last remaining OEM Nissan parts available for most Nissan applications for the '70s and the '80s. If this is your first time visiting we would like to suggest that you take a moment to read through our First Time Visitor's page to better understand our website as well as our inventory status. Below are some of the features of this website:
  • An ever-present menu system on the left. Many model categories do not have very many parts. For those which have too many to practically put on one page, they are split up into sub-categories.
  • A condensed parts information display table. These tables contain minimal data but there is a pop-up/enlarge option which provides more application data along with an enlarged picture and possibly additional pictures. There is a further option to enlarge the picture even more.
  • There are two possibly very helpful tidbits of information added to each part.
    • Quantity: As soon as you click on "Add To Cart", it will display the total quantity available and ask you how many you want. Also, on the "Entire PN List" page, the quantities are listed next to each part number.
    • Warehouse Location: Many of our returning customers know we have two warehouses with all these parts randomly split between the two. We receive fairly poor customer service from our Wisconsin warehouse which can get quite frustrating. All these pages now identify which warehouse any given part is in. When buying parts, each item will be put into a shopping cart designated specifically for its respective warehouse. This should at least be somewhat informative for the customer alerting them as to which parts may experience possible delays in shipment.
  • SHOPPING CART with immediate purchase options. Click here for further information on our shopping cart setup. You're still able to purchase the old tried and true method of speaking to us directly!

Thank you for visiting OEM Surplus. We hope you enjoy your visit and are able to find something that you can use.