Somebody has to do the work around here.... I guess I'm elected!
WindingRidge Homestead
—located in southeastern Oklahoma—

Here you will find recorded the building of this beautiful homestead complete with solar and wind power, rain-water collection cisterns, a strawbale house and even a wolf or two to try to blow it all down! This adventure has not been without its trials but it has indeed been a most wonderful experience. This by far surpasses the plugged-in, city living just chasing your tail trying to make ends meet. The closeness to nature, the clean air and the beauty that surrounds us is so refreshing to the soul.

Latest updates:

  • September 2011: The website has changed!
    • I have finally revamped the website. Its functionality has been dramatically improved. Those nasty mouseOvers that were all over the place are gone. To be able to see the vast number of pictures available, a filmstrip is now in place. Also, the menu system at the top has been improved. It may not look very different but once you get inside, the infrastructure has been completely gutted and redone.
  • September 2011: Exterior stucco with some dragon and wolf profiles (Some really cool stuff...)
    • All summer I have been able to work hard on the place and one of the areas receiving attention is the exterior stucco. The bales are finally 100% covered and the second coat is well underway. Also, we have two videos of adding some bas reliefs to our northern wall. The first one is "How to Build a Dragon" and the second is "A Pack of Wolves on the Wall". Here is the page with both videos.
  • 2008: What we accomplished this year...
    • Sometimes it seems that a lot of time goes by and nothing much really gets accomplished. Time is always spent chasing either dollars or my kids. And now, I've taken on full-time schooling as I'm going back to get a Master's degree in Marriage and Family Counseling. But as we look back on the year we did accomplish major milestones. We installed the finished floor in the second third of the house (only one third to go!), moved into the office with office stuff, the real kitchen is now functional (yeah!) and the toilet system has been updated and is now a fully functional composting toilet (better known as a sawdust toilet). It turned out really nice. At this point this is the only update that is documented on this website. Click here for the info!

I'll huff. And I'll puff. And I'll blooowwww that house down!
We have 1 female that is 3 years old as of Spring 2011.
To assist in navigation, here are some brief comments about the contents that you will find herein...

Upper Menu: You will find lots of pictures with some scattered commentary. These are grouped into the various themes that exist around this place. The menu at the top will take you to different sections. Most pages will have a filmstrip presetation. Within an occasional picture, there will be other opportunities to view additional, more detailed pictures. The filmstrip on the will move up and down by placing your mouse over the up or down arrows. Then click on the picture you want to see. Each picture should have some commentary under it.

House Pics: These are just views of the house's exterior and interior throughout the building process.

Engineering Tidbits: This will have sections of possible special interest such as general house evolution, off-grid power system, rain water collection system, earthen/lime stucco, passive solar floor, composting toilet, future planned masonry heater and a partular project of adding a kitchen window.

Other Homestead Stuff: This includes sections about the driveway, our temporary housing, Storage building, chicken and goat barn, bathhouse, some panoramic views and our wolves.

Contact Us: This will give you some contact information such as email, phone number and location.