Welcome to the site where you will find AWESOME DEALS on many OEM surplus auto parts. We have many GM parts, a few Ford, Dodge and Import parts as well as the last remaining OEM Nissan parts available for most Nissan applications for the '70s and the '80s.

Recommendations for First Time Visitors

These product lines are managed by two different managers/offices so there may be some differences in operations. It is recommended that first time visitors take a moment to familiarize themselves with the particulars by reading any introductory information.

Nissan is operated out of Oklahoma and is significantly different than the others. The major difference is the format of the product line. We have a huge lot for the Nissan parts that is not going to grow in the near future. So, all that's there is all that's left. It's front information page can be found through this link: OEM Surplus: Nissan

The rest of the parts, on the other hand, the majority of which is GM, is a constantly fluctuating inventory. There isn't near as many parts as the Nissan line but we keep adding more and selling out of others. The front information page for these items can be found through this link: OEM Surplus: GM

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